From the pen of multi-award-winning author and screenwriter William Maltese comes OTOSOTU, a Science Futuring (Sci Fu) about the nature of the soul.


(Pronounced, "Oh-Toe-So-Two")

"On The Other Side Of The Universe"

Executive Producers - Daniel S. Janik, William Maltese and Setsuko Tsuchiya
Screenwriters - William Maltese and Daniel S. Janik
Producers - Daniel S. Janik, Setsuko Tsuchiya and William Maltese
Directors - Daniel S. Janik and William Maltese
Cinematography - Daniel S. Janik, Setsuko Tsuchiya, William Maltese
Editor - Daniel S. Janik

Principal Characters
From L to R: Michael Mylo (Daniel S. Janik); Carol Mylo (Sakura Kai aka Setsuko Tsuchiya); Brit Mylo (Daniel S. janik), Chad Stuart (William Maltese)

10 Nov '23 - Script Approved
Final working revision updated to include William Maltese as a principal actor. 

1 December '23 - Blocking
Blocking is all about turning a written script into audio-video scenes. Follow our blocking cast, Chan and Kun, as they help define the approximately 240 scenes in OTOSOTU! (click on above photo to watch)
Follow Me Throughout the Production of "OTOSOTU"

12 Nov '23 - Sound Test
Sound testing studio microphone mounted on overhead boom for better clarity and noise reduction. Success! (click on above photo to watch)

29 December '23 - ShotListing
ShotListing involves rearranging sequentially blocked scenes into the most effective order for filming. ShotListing is the last big pre-production step, followed by production (actual filming). (click on above photo to peek at the process).

14 Nov '23 -Character Development
A trip to Tokyo, wigs, costumes and different voices, all to help viewers distinguish better between characters. (click on above photo to watch)

27 January '24 - Pre-Filming Testing 
Extensive pre-filming testing is done in order to anticipate possible challenges prior to actual filming. Here, Daniel S. Janik plays Brit Mylo, piloting a small Warcraft spaceship. (click on above photo to watch)

10 February 24' - Second Pre-Filming Test - Daniel S. Janik once again appears as Captain-Major Brit Mylo piloting a small Warcraft spaceship. (click on the above photo to watch). 

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