Why is it so many actors and writers seem to also be avid visual and/or performing artists? Whether it's sketching, painting, sculpture, photography, 3-D photography, holography, digital graphic art, cover art, videography, all seem related. I'm lucky to have had a parent who was a writer, painter and illustrator. 

I've been sketching and painting as long as I can remember. My artist career began in 1976, when, in San Francisco, with 200 paintings tucked in my portfolio, I decided to begin showing and selling. I had the pleasure of having my first showing hosted at the Bill Graham Auditorium of the San Francisco Civic Center, and since at numerous university art exhibitions, and more recently at the Gallery on the Pali in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. 

In 2005, I began turning my artistic talents to book covers, of which I've produced over 40 (see samples below). 

Sculpture came later. In 1979, I exhibited at several private art exhibitions in the San Francisco Bay Area including "Wolf Howling" and "Treasure," both of which received strong positive public acclaim.

While I still paint and sculpture, the fine art form that remains closest to my heart these days is photography. I began producing and selling advertisement photographs I'd taken with a beat up, hand-me-down Kodak box camera early in 1960, advancing in 1964 to scenic photography for postcards using an old Nikormat. At Park College, I was gifted a Canon Pellix and began taking student and faculty portraits as well as exhibiting. While at medical school, I developed an interest in three-dimensional photography that continued through my NASA research associateship years, peaking during a meeting at the USSR Institute of Biophysics in Akademgorodok, Siberia, former USSR, where I was introduced to "Denisyuk" holography. Since then, I've run through several two-dimensional and three-dimensional cameras, including my current FujiFilm FinePix W3 Real 3D camera, eventually graduating to four-dimensional photography, namely, regular and 3-D videography. 

My interest in videography continues to present, with the release of my latest multi-award-winning film, WINNOWING, which I filmed with Setsuko Tsuchiya on our new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500 studio camera. My personal videography interests have already taken me to YouTube and beyond!!

Want to know what I'm up to these days? Visit my BLOG!


Select Samples of My Best Multi-Media Two-Dimensional Fine Art Works: (in preparation)

Select Samples of My Best Sculptures: (in preparation)

Select Samples of My Best Photographs: (in preparation)

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