An "actor" portrays a character in a performance, in modern media a film, radio, or television program. The best actors provide an "authentic"-seeming interpretation of the character from the audience's point-of-view. 

"All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts..." (Shakespeare from "As You Like It" spoken by Jaques). 

Be it bedside manner, authoritativeness, creativity, teaching, military leadership or writer, as a former physician, researcher, educator, naval commander and author, I have been rehearsing continuously to this day for my various roles.


1) Will Gardner in the K. Simmons production "STATIC

2) Interviewee in the KS Media Group Inc documentary "THE MALTESE COLLECTION"

3) Dr. Stevenson in the Kurt Ken Kaminaka production "THE PERFECT ILLUSION"

4) Richard Andrews and Jeff Candleston in the JET Progress production "WINNOWING"

5) Daniel Janik in the KS Media Group Inc production "FINDING KATE"

6) Michael Mylo and Brit Mylo in the JET Progress production "OTOSOTU"

7) Dr. Gregory Grant in the 2 Liter's Shady Films production "MOCOS

8) Kendell Valiusa in the JET Progress production "AUDIENCE WITH A VAMPIRE"

9) John Landa and Sandor Reeves in the JET Progress production "MEDIUM OF DEATH"

BACKGROUND ROLES - a performer in a film, television show or other production, appearing in a visual but silent capacity

1) CLEAN WATER, COMMON GROUND - Movie (1999, Remastered 2023)

2)  FANTASY ISLAND - TV Series (1998) - Dancer

3) NCIS: HAWAII - (S2/S3) - TV Series (2022/23)

4) MAGNUM P.I. - (S5) - TV Series (2022/23)

5) LILO & STITCH - "Live Action" Movie (2024)

6) MOCOS - Movie (2023) - Dancer


1) WINNOWING - Mystery/Drama Short (2023)

2) OTOSOTU - Science Futuring Short (2024)


1) OTOSOTU - Science Futuring Short (2024)

2) AUDIENCE WITH A VAMPIRE - Vampiric drama (2025)


1) WINNOWING - Mystery/Drama Short (2023)

2) OTOSOTU - Science Futuring Short (2024)


1) CLEAN WATERCOMMON GROUND - Documentary "Short" (1999/2023)

2) THE MALTESE COLLECTION - Full Length Documentary (2023)

3) FINDING KATE - 6-Episode Adventure/thriller (2023)

4) WINNOWING - Mystery/Drama Short (2023)

5) OTOSOTU - Science Futuring (2024)

6) AUDIENCE WITH A VAMPIRE - Vampiric Drama (2025)

7) MEDIUM OF DEATH - Supernatural Mystery (2025)


2023 Great Indian International Film Festival
2023 Golden Riyadh Indie Film Festival

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