I began writing poetry and short stories at twelve years of age, marketing my first 100-page science fiction novella, "The Parabolic Curve" at the age of fifteen. During undergraduate studies, I minored in Comparative World Literature and continued writing short stories and poetry as member of the former Park College (now Park University) Writers' Club. Over the years, I have received numerous awards for individual poems as well as poetry collections, with over sixty refereed professional publications. After retiring from medical practice, I published two multi-award-winning educational books describing a unified neurobiological theory of language acquisition and learning. Since then, I have authored non-fiction and fiction works in a variety of genres under a number of different pen names, and recently delved into screenwriting. 

In 2008, I created a small, independent, traditional-style publishing house, Savant Books and Publications. dedicated to producing previously unpublished literary works of enduring value with a twist that expand and transform English readers' point-of-view throughout the world. In 2021, Savant Books and Publications was sold to K. Simmons Productions/KS Media Group Inc in December 2021, expanding its publishing venues to add manga, animation and cinema to its outstanding collection printed, digital and audiobooks. 

Non-Fiction Educational Works - Articles and books about the neurobiology of learning, language acquisition and transformative learning.

Fictional Literary Works - Award-winning fictional works published by a range of notable publishers:
* Poetry - Award-winning poems, poetry collections and anthologies about the 1960s to present.
* Children's Stories - "Color-Me-Please" series of books about Hawaii and Alaska for children of all ages;
     * Thrillers (under the pen-name Raymond Gaynor); 
     * Screenplays; and
     * Adult Erotica (under the pen-name Gary Martine).

Literary Awards:

  • Eric Hoffer Award
  • NLS Choice Award
  • New Millennium Writer's Award
  • Hollywood Book Festival Award
  • Animals, Animals, Animals Book Festival Award
  • London Book Festival Award
  • Pacific Rim Book Festival Award
  • Amsterdam Book Festival Award

My latest published work is the Amsterdam Book Festival award wining Amazon-genre-bestseller, THE EDGE OF MADNESS (Aignos 2020) by Raymond Gaynor.

now available as an approximately 6-hour audiobook

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