Dr. Daniel S. Janik is a retired physician (MD), water researcher and educator, currently an actor, dancer, model, author, and multi-media artist (painter/sculptist/photographer/cinematographer). An educator, he remains a vocal advocate of transformative learning in all its various forms. 

My partner, Setsuko Tsuchiya (aka Sakura Kai) is an actress, dancer, author and somatic therapist.


A Lifetime of Service

Physician - A doctor of medicine (MD) specialized in preventive medicine/public health (environmental epidemiology), he is board-certified in preventive medicine/public health. Retired after 30 years of university, government and private practice, his special interest in language acquisition and psychological recovery from trauma continues to this day. 

Researcher - His is a former  United States Academy of Science/National Research Council Research Associate assigned to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration exploring closed environmental life support systems with emphasis on potable water reuse and recycling.

Educator - A professor of education (PhD) in linguistics, a pioneer in language acquisition and transformative learning, Dr. Janik currently serves as an academic member of Bircham International University

Actor - Following his appearance as Lead Actor in the K. Simmons Production of STATIC (2021), he has appeared as Dr. Stevenson in the Kurt Ken Kaminaka Production of THE PERFECT ILLUSION (2023) and as a participant interviewee in K. Simmons Production of THE MALTESE COLLECTION (2023). He is Executive Producer of CLEAN WATER, COMMON GROUND (1999), FINDING KATE (2022), THE MALTESE COLLECTION (2023), and the JET Progress production of WINNOWING (2023) which he directed. A member of SAG-AFTRA, he also appears as background in a number of national TV series. He is also both a photographic and commercial model.

Dancer - An avid International-style Ballroom and Latin American dance competitor and performer both on stage and screen, he dances with his life partner, actress/dancer/somatic therapist Setsuko Tsuchiya (aka Sakura Kai). 

Author - A multi-award-winning author with over 60 books and publications, his published non-fiction works ranging from medicine, to education and to space life sciences. His works of fiction include historical fiction, children's books, thrillers, poetry and erotica. He is the former creator, owner, publisher as well as an editor, editor-in-chief and cover artist for Savant Books and Publications

Artist - A multi-award-winning multi-media, photographic (incl 3-D and holographic), graphic, visual and cover artist whose creative career spans 40 years, he is also a multi-award winning cinematographer. 


NOTE: Raymond Gaynor is my thriller nom de Plume

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