MOCOS, the Movie

Pestilence, Famine, War, Horror? Think MOCOS!

"I never imagined this could actually happen! Well, I sort of did. I mean after COVID..." - Dr. Gregory Grant (played by Daniel S. Janik) and Reporter Akari Koko-Grant (played by Setsuko Tsuchiya)

Can you locate Daniel S. Janik and Setsuko Tsuchiya in the above movie poster?

(click on the movie poster to view latest video teaser with theme song)


Setsuko Tsuchiya and I are excited to appear together in our first HORROR film. Actually, an experimental, horror, Sci-Fu* film by 2-Liter Shady Films, written, produced and directed by Elias Perez. I'll play Dr. Gregory Grant and Setsuko will be playing Akari Koko-Grant, partner to Dr. Grant and Reporter for Pacific World News. What makes this film especially interesting is that, filming occur during the COVID pandemic, most scenes were self-filmed in various locations throughout the world. 

*Science-Based Futuring -- not fantasy but not pure fiction, either, instead a peek into a plausible future world in terms of topic, genre and filming technique.


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     MOCOS "Set"

26 June '22 - Behind-The-Scenes Video Montage of "Look! Up there!" scenes. (click on photo to view behind-the-scenes video)

28 June '22 - Establishing Shots of Dr. and Mrs. Grant, and "Public Announcement," "Home" and "Cult" Scenes. (click on photo to view behind-the-scenes video)
13 Nov '22 - Dan and Setsuko "Behind the Scenes" (BTS) Self-Filming of "Doctor's Office" and "Exam Room" Scenes. (click on photo to view behind-the-scenes video)

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