Magnum P.I. (S5 2022/23)

(Magnum P. I. 2022 (S5) is scheduled to air starting February 2023)

Official Trailer (click on photo to view)
Episode TBA - "Title TBA" - Coffee Talk Clientele
Daniel S. Janik and Setsuko Tsuchiya as Coffee Shop ClientelePhotos are public internet placeholders until episode airs. 

Episode TBA - "Title TBA" - Photo Double

Daniel S. Janik as Photo-Double for "Natan" at Dillingham Ranch episode. Pre- and post-filming photos are placeholders until episode airs. 

Episode TBA - "Title TBA" - Mental Hospital Patient

Daniel S. Janik as Mental Hospital Patient. Photo in proposed audition costume (changed by wardrobe for actual filming). Placeholder until episode airs. Click on photo to see full size craziness. 

Episode TBA - "Title TBA" - Doctor
Daniel S. Janik as In-hospital Doctor in proposed costume. As a retired physician, this role was a "natural" for Dan. Placeholder photo until episode airs. 

Episode TBA - "Title TBA" - Up-Scale Party Goer
Daniel S. Janik as an Up-Scale Party Goer" in proposed costume. Gassed and robbed, one has to wonder afterwards if the party was worth it. But as an actor, it definitely was. Placeholder photo until episode airs. 

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