A penetrating look at Hawaii's struggles to address water quality issues in "Paradise." CLEAN WATER, COMMON GROUND contends that the responsibility of maintaining good conservation is upon each one of us. We must recognize the dramatic role water has in shaping our environment, and how it affects our lives as well as those of animals and sea creatures. If we address the chief threats to our environment and determine the measures needed to tackle those threats head-on, we may be able to preserve both water and land for many generations to come. But we must act now!

pale ana i ka wai
(protecting the water)

A JET Progress Production Remaster

27-minute color "short" with studio discussion, remastered to HD, with appearances by Daniel Ko, Rick Eveleth, Roberts Leinau, Bob Cherry, Kawika Kalama and Gilbert Fooks. Also including Dave Penn, Kalani 'Apuakenau & son, Alvin Char, Major Ron Borne, Tamara Carter, and Dr. Kimberly Clark.  With cameo appearance by Daniel S. Janik.

Directed by Mary Tuti Baker

Executive Producer Daniel S. Janik

Clean Water, Common Ground

(2023 HD remaster of 1999 classic)

Official Trailer: https://youtu.be/DJraw7L5XOw

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19 Jun '23 - My Cameo Appearances in CLEAN WATER, COMMON GROUND along with photos from the Kaiaka-Waialua Hydrologic Unit Area (KW-HUA) project's RAP (Resources Assessment Project), CAP (Classroom Augmentation Project), Apoha the O'Opu mascot and River of Fish public education efforts that were all part of the KW-HUA project in which I served as KW-HUA USDA Water Quality Agent. Click on photo to view

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Best Nature/Environmental/Wildlife Film (Any Length)
2007 TV-Nature/Wildlife Silver Award
2007 TV-Documentary Bronze Award

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