Daniel S. Janik began writing poetry and short stories at twelve years of age, marketing his first 100-page science fiction novella, "The Parabolic Curve" at the age of fifteen. During undergraduate studies, he minored in comparative world literature and continued writing short stories and poetry as member of the former Park College (now Park University) Writers' Club. Over the years, he has received numerous awards for his individual poems as well as his poetry collections. He has over sixty articles in refereed professional journals and publications. After retiring from medical practice, he published two multi-award-winning educational books describing a unified neurobiological theory of language acquisition and learning. Since then, he has authored non-fiction and fiction works in a variety of genres under a number of different pen names. 

Did you know that Dr. Janik is the owner of Savant Books and Publications and its imprint, Aignos Publishing? Both are fee-free, royalty-paying, traditional publishing houses for professional authors. Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, Savant has  trained/certificated professional editors, layup artists, cover artists and proofreaders, and includes Savant Bookstore Honolulu and Savant Distribution.

Authors: If you have a completed manuscript and would like to become a  published author, consider Savant Books and Publications - "Significant Books and Enduring Media for the 21st Century" - publishing enduring fictional and non-fictional literary works "with a twist" that broaden a reader's world point-of-view, or Aignos Publishing - "avant garde, experimental and innovative works that 'push the leading edge' of all genres of fiction and non-fiction." Unsolicited manuscripts by established and first-time author's welcome.  Publicist and/or agent not required.

Poets: Savant publishes a yearly poetry anthology. Our poetry anthologies have received national and international attention and awards. If you are an outstanding poet and would like Savant to introduce you and your work to the literary world, respond to Savant's yearly poetry call.

Musicians and Videographers: Savant produces and distributes CD's and DVD's internationally under the Savant label. If you are an outstanding musician or videographer and would like Savant to produce a CD or DVD for you and distribute your work, check out Savant Books and Publications.

Educational Works - Articles and books about the neurobiology of learning, language acquisition and transformative learning.

Literary Works - Award-winning fictional works published by a range of notable publishers:
* Poetry - Award-winning poems, poetry collections and anthologies about the 1960s to present.
* Children's Stories - "Color-Me-Please" series of books about Hawaii and Alaska for children of all ages;
     * Non-Fiction (see "Educational Works" above)
     * Historical fiction;
     * Thrillers (under the pen-name Raymond Gaynor); 
     * Adult Erotica (under the pen-name Gary Martine).

Literary Awards Received:

  • Eric Hoffer Award
  • NLS Choice Award
  • New Millennium Writer's Award
  • Hollywood Book Festival Award
  • Animals, Animals, Animals Book Festival Award
  • London Book Festival Award
  • Pacific Rim Book Festival Award
  • Amsterdam Book Festival Award

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