Dr. Daniel S. Janik, ("Dr. Dan") is a retired physician (MD) and an educator (PhD), naturalist, artist, author, editor, publisher/producer, dancesport enthusiast and vocal advocate of transformative learning in all its various forms. He is the author of over sixty books and publications including the multi-award winning book "Unlock the Genius Within:  Neurobiological Trauma, Teaching and Transformative Learning (Rowman and Littlefield Education 2005).    

My partner, Setsuko Tsuchiya, is a Hawaii-licensed medical massage therapist (LMT) offering Swedish, Sports, Trigger Point, Shiatsu and Reiki massage. Setsuko specializes in somatic therapy for educators, athletes, dancers, and individuals in recovery. 

By Appointment Only.  Honolulu - close to Waikiki.  Call 808-941-3927 for an appointment.

A Lifetime of Service

Physician - A doctor of medicine (MD) specialized in pediatrics, preventive medicine, public health (environmental epidemiology) and integrative medicine, he is board-certified in preventive medicine/public health and integrative medicine. Retired after 30 years of private and university practice, his interest in language acquisition and psychological recovery from trauma continues to this day. His is a former  United States Academy of Science/National Research Council Research Associate assigned to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Educator - A professor of education (PhD) in linguistics and a pioneer in language acquisition and transformative learning, Dr. Janik currently serves as an adjunct instructor in liberal arts at Argosy University Hawaii at Honolulu, and as an academic member of Bircham International University

Naturalist - Having worked as a naturalist interpreting the Ahlone Indian culture in the San Francisco Bay Area, and served as a Water Quality Agent for Northshore Oahu, he is a strong advocate of ocean and potable water quality awareness.

Artist - A multi-award-winning photographer, graphic designer, visual and cover artist, as well as performing artist who's creative artistic career has spanned over 50 years, he co-produced the twice Telly-award-winning environmental documentary, "Clean Water, Common Ground." He is an avid, registered USADance DanceSport competitor. 

Author - A multi-award-winning author with over 60 books and publications, he authored books and papers on fiction to non-fiction topics, ranging from medicine to education to space life sciences. His works of fiction include historical fiction, children's books, thrillers, poetry and erotica.

Editor - A former Editor-in-Chief, he currently edits non-fiction and fiction works for select authors.

Publisher - Dr. Janik is the owner of Savant Books and Publications, dedicated to publishing enduring literary works "with a twist" that broaden the reader's perspective, and its imprint, Aignos Publishing, dedicated to publishing avant guard, experimental and innovative works that "push the leading edge." Both are no-fee, royalty-paying, full service, independent publishing houses.


Unlock the Genius Within (Amazon.com)


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