I can make people feel aroused, by a word. I can make the hairs on their neck stand up with the mere mention of a touch. I can make your wildest and most tantalizing fantasies come true. And you’ll never even see my face.

I’m William Maltese and I write Erotica.

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28 Nov '21 - First Reading for participant/interviewee role in THE MALTESE COLLECTION (click on photo for video)
11 July '22 - Daniel S. Janik Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) Publicity Photoshoot for THE MALTESE COLLECTION (incl FINDING KATE and MOCOS) (click on photo to view video/photo montage)

27 June '22 - Teaser for THE MALTESE COLLECTION (Click on photo to view teaser)

THE MALTESE COLLECTION is a multi-award-winning bio-documentary reprise to William Maltese's many inspirations, achievements, and lifelong support of erotica, as well as M/M-LGBTQ authors and readers. 

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THE MALTESE COLLECTION has been selected by the Washington DC International Cinema Festival for consideration and a finalist for Best Documentary Short and Best Director. 

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