A suicidal man finds a new reason to live after he stumbles upon a curio shop that transports him into the future. Soon he finds himself risking his own life trying to save the woman of his dreams, but struggles as reality may not be as it appears.

- A Kurt Ken Kaminaka Production

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9 Jan '22-Offered Dr. Stevenson Role

21 Jan '22 - "Who is the Real Dr. Stevenson?" Photo Galley (click on photo for video)
18 Feb '22 - Dr. Stevenson Rehearsal (click on photo for video)
20 Mar '22 - Dr. Stevenson Hospital Scene Filming (click on photo for video)
12 Apr '22 - Not me, but I couldn't pass up a flying scene (click on photo for video)

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21 Jan '22 - "Who is the Real Dr. Stevenson?" A photo galley exploring some possible characterizations of Dr. Stevenson. 

 1 Jun '22 - THE PERFECT ILLUSION goes into post-production for 2023 Anticipated release. 
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13 Mar '22 - Dan and Setsuko filming in the Gala Party scene (click on photo for video)

9 Mar '23 - Soon to be Released (click on photo for newest Dan and Setsuko video teaser) - and, yes, that's me in the red coat!
13 Feb '22 - Duke Diqerson (Sam Bass) filming
24 Feb '22 - Setting the Stage (click on photo for video montage of the Artzone Studio)
12 Mar '22 - Headquarters Scene w/Moving Dolly (click on photo for video)
16 Mar '22 - Who says there's no more partying? [closed "bubble" set] (click on photo for video)
15 Oct '22 - In Post Production (click on photo for video)



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