"STATIC (2021)" aka "The STATIC Movie"

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At Murphy's Bar and Grill Location

On Location with Actor Shane Chisum ("Mike") and Kurt Ken Kaminaka ("Skip")

Setsuko Tsuchiya ("Edna") and Daniel S. Janik ("Will")

16 May 2021 Rehearsal on Set https://youtu.be/0QLLDy6LYDo

31 May 2021 First On-Location Filming at Murphy's Bar and Grill https://youtu.be/xUsfXZuy3Jw

6 June 2021 Second On-Location Filming at Murphy's Bar and Grill https://youtu.be/T7VBF0vVSsw

8 June 2021 "Home" Scenes - Rehearsal, Blocking and Filming https://youtu.be/E07uqo3dCec

27 June 2021 Last Two "Home" Scenes Filming https://youtu.be/H8fg9xh1Kwo

10 July 2021 "Street" Scene on location filming https://youtu.be/mSe79VkNe6M

25 July 2021 "Lunalilo Home" Scene on location filming https://youtu.be/G57CgPxZZiU

31 July/1 Aug 2021 Final Filming https://youtu.be/ZUpRpzOAKDw

Hawaii Premiere aired on Saturday, 25 September 2021 at 7 PM Hawaii time on KHON2, KHII and Hawaii CW.

International Premiere aired on Saturday 25 September at 7 PM  Hawaii Time AND 26 September at 7 PM EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME on https://www.khon2.com.  

Re-aired on OLELO Community Television on 2/14/2022-6:30 PM; 2/15/2022-2:00 PM; 2/16/2022-10:00 PM; 2/20/2022-8:00 AM


Interview by John Veneri on Hawaii 808 at https://www.khon2.com/living-808/local-production-released-the-static-movie/

Interview by Richard Rose https://richardroseauthor.com/blog/f/an-interview-with-static-star-dan-janic

YouTube trailers #1 and #2 posted at:



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At "The Million Dollar House" Location with Actress Eriko Okada ("Susan")

On location with Lead Actress Jeri Lynne Endo ("Ginny")

On Location Lunching with Wife and Actress/Competition Dance Partner Setsuko Tsuchiya ("Edna")

Daniel S. Janik ("Will") and Jerri Lynn Endo ("Ginny")

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"A sweet, sentimental story that pulled at my heartstrings; so well written and a timely subject; everyone should see this movie [based on] Richard's fabulous teleplay; a wonderful movie by K. Simmons Productions"

"great story, cast, crew and director and producer; actors were superb! Powerful and inspirational"

"a very moving movie that hits the heart deeply. In my personal opinion STATIC deserves an Oscar; a 'must see' film, so touching and memorable! Exciting to see where it goes from here!"

"a sweet and touching film. The cast was very believable and likeable. I loved the small details like the women chattering about cheating while playing cards...the final scene is simply magical."




"Jury Special Mention Feature Length Fiction" Award

The STATIC Movie select cast and crew at the 2022 Chicago International Film Festival Awards Ceremony. Watch Daniel S. Janik ("Will Gardner"), Eriko Okada ("Susan Blakley") and Setsuko Tsuchiya ("Edna") of STATIC (2021) "walk the red carpet" on 5 November 2022 along with Kenny Simmons (Executive Producer-Producer-Director-Co-writer-Actor), Lisa Simmons (Executive Producer and Actress), and Richard Rose (Co-Writer) and wife Kay. (click on above to see photo/video vignette)



"Best Feature Film" Award

The 2022 Season 10 Moody Crab Film Fest (MCFF) promotes short to feature films to the world, changing society through visual media created with a passion for art and culture. STATIC (2021) received Best Feature Film. 



"Best Feature Film" and "Best Original Score" Awards

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The STATIC movie has been selected by the Washington DC International Cinema Festival for consideration and is a finalist for Best Feature Film and Best Original Score. A bi-monthly Festival, culminating at an in-person annual awards event on 30 April 2023, WDCICF celebrates young and new filmmakers around the world, seeking great talent and content from creative minds looking to make a mark on the film industry.

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