A few days ago, it was my pleasure to introduce voice actress Pam Hoffman, “The Voice of the Imperax Galactic.” Today, it’s my added pleasure to introduce renown author, screenwriter, actor, producer and director William Maltese. The recipient of four international “best screenwriter” awards for the film WINNOWING, Mr. Maltese is co-producer, co-director and co-cinematographer for the JET Progress production, OTOSOTU (pronounced “Oh-Toe-So-Two” for “On The Other Side Of The Universe” – https://otosotu.yolasite.com). He also appears in a co-star role as Chad Stuart, OTOSOTU screenwriter, appearing at the beginning and end of the film which is based on two of his novels, “The Alien Within” (written under the pseudonym Adriana DeBolt and “Michael: the Master” (written under the pseudonym W. Lambert III). Author of over 250 books and the published screenplay, “The Moonstone Murders,” William Maltese has appear in the KS Media Inc’s production, THE MALTESE COLLECTION, a summary tribute to his life and works.

While a man of many stellar achievements, I count him as one of my personal best friends. The creator and CEO/CFO/COO of Draqual Media, JET Progress is pleased to work in conjunction with Draqual Media in producing both the internationally awarded film, WINNOWING, and more recently OTOSOTU, with several new, exciting projects under consideration.

In addition to working together, William Maltese through his co-starring role in OTOSOTU, is an important addition to JET Progress’ core stable of actors from which the studio will continue to draw. Welcome, William.

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