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Posted by Daniel S. on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, In : books 

IN continuation of yesterday’s post on eroticism, consider the SweetSixteen. Yet another of the many facets of coming-of-age in NewAmerica:

“For modern lovers, SweetSixteenSalsaSex, when it really clicked, especially when virginal and alternative as in the case of Draff and Billie, offered the enactors a further reward: that all-time most sought-after prize of publiczed intimacy, the exceptional, elusive, once-in-a-lifetime “FirstLoveIConsumated” pop emotag, FLIC. While the best in h...

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Posted by Daniel S. on Monday, May 24, 2021, In : books 

IN the immediate aftermath of the TOTAL MELTDOWN (Borgo/Wildside 2009) by Raymond Gaynor and William Maltese (, something happened. The dis-integrating world proved a playground for “Fast Eddies” and con artists. But who, I ask, let them out? Who let the “dogs” out?

A dis-integrating world means that things, especially integrated technological products; businesses that require other business partners to create, distribute and market a product; and...

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