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Posted by Daniel S. on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, In : dance 
REALLY? Well, no, if you’re thinking a balmy paradise on Earth. That is, there’s no where I know left on Earth that isn’t directly or indirectly affected by Homo sapiens. And, hey, with temperatures rising this summer, I’m not sure everyone wants a place in the super-sun, or it’s obverse, a place in the super-cold snow-and-ice replete with bomb cyclones, thank you very much climate change. Or, if you disbelieve in science, then “meteorological extremism” — a very politically c...

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Posted by Daniel S. on Sunday, August 22, 2021, In : books 

THAT’S right. It’s Sunday and subtlety is what it’s all about. Looking at the City from my apartment, everything looks, well, abnormally normal. Not much traffic. Brilliant day. Not too hot, not too cold. Sun rays peeking through scattered clouds, highlighting the colors of various buildings, as if each highlighted building had a special story to tell. But I’m calling it a subtle Sunday for a reason.

Climate change. Trash in the deepest points of the oceans. Covid-19-delta/lambda/etc...

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