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Posted by Daniel S. on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, In : Evaluation 

FIRST, let’s establish that I’m not blind lover of things electronic or digital, including AIs. I personally think that like nuclear power plants, we’ve a lot to learn about the downsides and side effects of these commonly extolled human endeavors. Still, I admit to a particular and equally peculiar character propensity I call “Toad’s Wild Ride.” I am attracted to anything and everything new, shiny and, alas, that includes things electronic and digital, including AIs like ChatGPT,...

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Posted by Daniel S. on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, In : books 

JUST read an article by BBC — — suggesting a breakthrough in quantum computing, namely parallel quantum computing had occurred, this time on the actuality rather than simply theoretical level, taking advantage of quantum spookiness. Currently, accuracy has been a limiting factor in quantum computing. Linking two or more quantum computers using quantum spookiness would result not only in more processing power, but also the use of parall...

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