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Posted by Daniel S. on Friday, July 21, 2023, In : books and movies 

AS films progress through the usual year or so of post-production, the work involved in editing, scoring, captioning, creating distribution formats (like DVDs, BluRays and streaming) and making plans for the “official” release, is often so intense, this period often becomes one of relative public silence. Not so with WINNNOWING. I regularly post about the film’s progress on my personal blog, WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram accounts, summarized at

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Posted by Daniel S. on Saturday, July 15, 2023, In : books and movies 

FIRST, let me explain that living in Hawaii, we’re always alert to tropical hurricanes, like Calvin, that like to visit our islands this time of year through Christmas. Calvin is about halfway here and so far has been growing in intensity achieving Category Two status yesterday.

WINNOWING — — on the other hand is a JET Progress film production, currently in post-production. What they have in common is that as WINNOWING progresses through the film festival...

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