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SAY … WHAT … ?

Posted by Daniel S. on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, In : books 

        "Author Raymond Gaynor, in this sequel to his novel TOTAL MELTDOWN, manages a successful tear in the time-space continuum that provides his readers with an insightful glimpse of society’s future. It’s not always a pleasant picture. In fact, it’s sometimes bordering on the truly shocking. That said … all of his prophetical premises seem to have logical underpinnings based upon historical facts, including what’s obviously at play within our own Twenty-First Century. It’s a f...

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Posted by Daniel S. on Saturday, May 21, 2022, In : books and movies 

CONGRATULATIONS, Karizma Rose on being cast as lead actress in the role of Kate Keenan in the upcoming K. Simmons Production of FINDING KATE —

As one of the Executive Producers having read the entire six-part series scripts, I can only say that the role seemed perfectly made for you! “Long-ignored computer genius Kate Keenan has designed a computer program that will put Hollywood and Bollywood out...

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Posted by Daniel S. on Friday, January 21, 2022, In : books and movies 

SAVANT Books and Publications, a traditional “no-cost-to-author” full-service book publisher, was recently purchased by K. Simmons Productions, a Hawaii-wood based manga, animation and film production company. With the purchase, writers whose manuscripts are accepted for publication are now afforded the opportunity of seeing their work in printed, electronic and audiobook as well as manga, animation, television and cinematic formats. So what should such an author be called, the panoply of...

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