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Posted by Daniel S. on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, In : books and movies 

OTOSOTU (pronounced “Oh-Toe-So-Two” for “On The Other Side Of The Universe”), which introduces a new genre of filmmaking, namely sci-fu or scientific futuring (see and rather than science fiction or fantasy, is, however, much more. Its intriguing exploration of the nature of the soul instantly elevates it to a metaphysical exploration as well.

Oxford Languages defines metaphysics as “the branch of ...

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Posted by Daniel S. on Monday, March 4, 2024, In : books and movies 


SORRY to be absent from social media for a while, but here at JET Progress productions – – we’ve been extremely busy wrapping up filming (done!) and beginning post-production of OTOSOTU (pronounced “Oh-Toe-So-Two” for “On The Other Side Of The Universe). Our current task is to transfer over a thousand takes to a single hard drive, rename them in order of movie sequence, and assemble everything into “raw segments.” Raw, many because...

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