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Posted by Daniel S. on Saturday, February 18, 2023, In : books 

WE’RE not talking pocket change, but we are talking ongoing rather than “thank-God(dess)-we’ve-made-it-so-far” climate change. And as it progresses, the possibility of abrupt directional switches at some point instead of extraordinary warming, extreme cooling, wind and humidity as well. After all, it is called climate “change.”

Personally, I’ve noticed that in addition to the usual climate change (and climate change denial) there’s another kind of climate change/denial going ...

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Posted by Daniel S. on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, In : dance 
REALLY? Well, no, if you’re thinking a balmy paradise on Earth. That is, there’s no where I know left on Earth that isn’t directly or indirectly affected by Homo sapiens. And, hey, with temperatures rising this summer, I’m not sure everyone wants a place in the super-sun, or it’s obverse, a place in the super-cold snow-and-ice replete with bomb cyclones, thank you very much climate change. Or, if you disbelieve in science, then “meteorological extremism” — a very politically c...

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Posted by Daniel S. on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, In : Knowledge/Wisdom 

Something’s going on with the two tomato plants growing on my porch: They’ve suddenly stopped turning red! OMG, does that mean they’re gonna turn blue before November? Ha, ha. No, really, there’s actually lots of GREEN tomatoes remaining green, and they aren’t likely to turn red or blue in the near future. Can plants join political parties? Can they even party at all?

Maybe they’re pondering onion-izing alongside Amazon and Starbuck workers, but instead of going for more water, f...

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