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Posted by Daniel S. on Thursday, April 9, 2020, In : Knowledge/Wisdom 
Now there's a question worthy of asking. It's not hard to agree that education today is "in trouble." But how could one begin to "fix" it?

Well, I hate to have to suggest it, but "Read my book!" -- UNLOCK THE GENIUS WITHIN (Rowman and Littlefield Education 2015). It's not about more money, or better equipment, or harder tests. It's about critically examining the very foundations of education today. For example, distance learning was always a sign of a second class college or university, or wor...
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An Island View

Posted by Daniel S. on Monday, July 6, 2009, In : assessment 
I promised in my last entry to talk more about student assessment, especially as it applies to transformative (knowledge and wisdom oriented) verses traumatic (data and information oriented) learning. 

First, whether there are in fact two different major learning pathways is not really a question much anymore.  In my book, "Unlock the Genius Within" I explored this issue not from an ideational perspective (gosh, that's a good idea) but rather from the perspective of neurobiology (how does suc...
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