AS you may well already know, OTOSOTU (pronounced “Oh-Toe-So-Two” for “On The Other Side Of The Universe,” a science futuring film about the human soul) has finished filming and is now in post-production, meaning assembly, editing and polishing, at the moment having just transitioned to editing.

Editing is where the film, now assembled correctly, gets turned into a “real” film. In general, scenes are cropped; sounds are added, mixed and modulated; special effects are added; scene transitions are incorporated; and color is adjusted. Essentially the ordered, raw scenes are turning back into a compelling and cohesive audio-video story that follows the script. It’s when a movie transitions from childhood to adolescence. It requires only the last stage in post-production, polishing, to be whole, complete and mature.

At JET Progress, we utilize iMovie, my preferred WYSIWYG (“What You See is What You Get”) editing platform for all three stages of post-production. Sound is particularly important in editing. I switch from my assembly earphones, Sony MDR-WO14’s to Audio-Technica ATH-M20x’s with external sound dampening to hear and eliminate every unwanted noise and provide a “true-to-life” rendition of retained and added sounds. It’s all done on our 1-terabyte (1000 GB) MacBook Pro. Having shared, it’s back to editing!

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