IN my haste to post yesterday about the OTOSOTU “Dragon Egg,” I fueled speculation that the film, a sci-fu (science plausible, rather than fiction or fantasy) work, delving the nature of the human soul, was proceeding so well in post-production that it was possible it might be released in 2023. Sorry, NOT. Admittedly it would add substantially to science fantasy, that is, having a film released before it’s edited, polished and pre-screened. But, no, doesn’t work with sci-fu. What I should have announced that it may end up released in 2024 if post-production continues at the pace and quality it is currently going.

That being said and corrected, OTOSOTU (pronounced “Oh-Toe-So-Two” for “On The Other Side Of The Universe”) is also NOT, as rumored, proceeding through post-production so well because it’s being done on the other side of the universe. Nope. It’s being done right here in Hawaii at JET Progress productions by myself, Daniel S. Janik and co-director Setsuko Tsuchiya (aka Sakura Kai), in association with Draqual Media “on the other side of the Pacific,”, under the eagle eyes of co-director William Maltese, and “The Voice of the Imperax Galactic,” Pam Hoffman.

Consider for a moment that OTOSOTU currently consists of about 214 scenes (500+ if you include all the “takes”) ordered non-sequentially over 14 filming days. We are currently in the process of viewing all takes, selecting the best one per scene, renaming the clips to reflect the order in which they will occur in the movie, and finally assembling them in sequence on one hard drive. We call that creating the “raw” film, which, when finally approved by the production staff, will serve as the template for editing, meaning adding transitions, sound, special effects and finally the score. For the latest information, check on a regular basis.

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