EVER wondered what actors/actresses do between films? I’m currently “between” OTOSOTU (pronounced “Oh-Toe-So-Two” for “On The Other Side Of The Universe” – https://janik.yolasite.com/otosotu.php), which is now in the second stage of post-production (namely editing) and “the next film.”

So, to keep food on the table and the hearth warm, I’m doing as much background acting as possible. I’m currently working NCIS: Hawaii (S3) while scouring the landscape for modeling and commercial opportunities. BTW, I’m looking for Hawaii-based photographers who need adult models. In special instances, I’m willing to exchange modeling for photocopies to build my portfolio while auditioning for commercials.

This is when I catch up on activities of daily living that were put off during filming. Restocking the larder, cleaning the house, washing and ironing clothes and socializing about Honolulu with actress Sakura Kai. And an occasional presence in Waikiki never hurts. If you see us, say hi!

What’s next? Sakura Kai and I have just agreed to do another film with JET Progress, while we wait for the release of OTOSOTU and the KS Media Group Inc’s production of FINDING KATE, in which I briefly appear.

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