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Posted by Daniel S. on Saturday, September 28, 2019, In : books 
Well, not really. It's just that I've been away in Japan for several weeks, and among other things, completing my research for my new taiga-drama-style historically based novel, "The Sword of Kamehameha." It's been several years in research, as 1260's A. D. feudal Japan was a tumultous time about which much is said but little recorded as history. Started in Tokyo (ancient Edo), passed by Kyoto (the center of the ancient imperial court), stopped in Osaka (the center of trade of ancient Japan, ...
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Posted by Daniel S. on Friday, September 27, 2019, In : Knowledge/Wisdom 
I don't typically comment on politics, but as a retired academic, I've watched with appall the governance of our great nation under Mr. Donald Trump, a businessman extraordinaire (though not necessarily in the positive sense). I've watched our nation become a corporation, with a single dominant, overbearing CEO focused on one main area: money. I say money, rather than economy, which is an entirely different governmental topic. 

I was, at first, primarily surprised, when I learned that Mr. Trum...
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Posted by Daniel S. on Wednesday, September 18, 2019,
Once again, here I am in Japan; for the moment, Tokyo, but soon on to Osaka, exploring the last few locations for my emerging novel of medieval Japan and Hawaii, "The Sword of Kamehameha." It's always wonderful to be in Japan where everything actually works and people are so "perfect service" (aka humanity) oriented. It's such a contrast to what the USA is sadly becoming under our current leadership where everything "America First" doesn't work well, and the emphasis is overtly on the ultra-r...
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