In 2008, several authors and I joined forces to form a small, independent, traditional-style publishing house, Savant Books and Publications - untraditional in that we wanted to use the latest in digital print-on-demand technology but in an otherwise traditional publishing setting. That is, Savant Books and Publications would introduce to readers the newest in upcoming authors, musicians, artists, and vidographers with enduring literary works "with a twist" that, in the end, would broaden the reader's world-point-of-view. No gratuitous violence or sex, please (there's enough of that out there already).

Publication choices are based on manuscript quality and our readership interest.

We read and consider unsolicited submissions from established as well as never-published authors without an agent. If accepted, Savant pays for professional editing, cover art, proofreading, marketing and publicity, and pays the author/musician/videographer a generous royalty on net sales. 

Since 2008, Savant has grown to include Aignos PublishingSavant Bookstore Honolulu and Savant Distribution, making our works available to online and brick-and-mortar booksellers worldwide.

Interested in what's going on in the publishing world? Check out the Savant/Aignos Blog or my own, Dr. Dan's Blog.

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