As a result of working as a U. S. National Research Council Senior Research Associate in the 1980's detailed out to NASA-Johnson Space Center and NASA-Ames Research Center to investigate water reclamation and recycling for space station, long duration space travel and permanently manned off-Earth sites, I developed an approach to sustainable potable water production, reclamation and recycling useable in space and on Earth. This approach employed biological rather than physical-chemical-mechanical treatment. The premise was that "spacecraft Earth" had sustainably reclaimed and recycled potable "Earth-natural" water for eons, humans being evolutionarily adapted to this water. Fresh potable water, however, is not "pure" water (pure water is a strongly corrosive solvent), but rather an approximately 4 to 10% solution of volatile and dissolved organic compounds that fit the human perception of the smell, taste, physical and "medical" qualities of potable fresh water. 

In 1993, I created a private research effort to explore sustainable testbed production of biologically reclaimed and recycled fresh water that not only met Earth but also NASA potable water quality standards, as well as further explore the various organic compounds included in various potable "Earth-natural" fresh waters. I discovered that of the typical 4 to 10% of organic compounds present, only about 40% were identifiable using the latest organic compound identification technology. These included a number of water-soluble, assumably pharmacologically active compounds. That meant that about 60% were currently unidentifiable, and, as a consequence, the production of preferential potable waters using a variety of proprietary biological testbeds contained an almost unlimited number of currently unidentified organic compounds that might prove to be biologically-active phytopharmacologics. 

In around 1996, I created a laboratory in Honolulu and proceeded to establish proof-of-concept by producing various biologically-active potable water products, investigating further their unique physical and chemical properties. About this time, I explored scaling up the successful proofs-of-concept to a commercial production platform. I am currently seeking partners to further develop this project. 

For more information, cantact Dr. Daniel S. Janik, 01+808+941-3927 or email

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