As the author of the award-winning "Color-Me-Please" children's book, THE TURTLE DANCES (Savant 2015), I make it my responsibility to visit the North Shore of Oahu island pretty much every week to check and see if any of the Hawaiian Green Sea turtles are dancing. Silly? Not really. I've spent countless hours watching them surf happily in the incoming waves. The operational word here is "in" as they use their natural built-in surfboards, their shells, more like a horizontal stabilizer riding the waves just inside the curl rather than on its surface. I've seen two turtles show interest in each other, and sometimes observed them "dancing" about each other in what may be a courtship dance routine. I've seen them tough flippers and stroke each other's shells. That's as close to partner dancing in some adult humans as I've seen. Dance on, turtles. 

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