I was so pleased the other day to learn that my children's book, A WHALE'S TALE (Savant 2009) is the all-time bestselling Savant/Aignos work! Like the Pacific Humpback whales in the story, the work has appeared in almost every nation in USA, the Pacific Islands, Canada, Europe, Australia-New Zealand and Asia (except China, poor folks). What can I say except that I'm honored. Truly. 

I wrote a WHALE'S TALE and a follow-on work, THE TURTLE DANCES (Savant 2013), to share ohana (family) values, and give children permission to make friends and wiggle, jump, skip and, yes, dance together. Both are available as eBooks from Amazon Kindle and GooglePlay, and can be downloaded as audiobooks from Amazon Audible.

I've been working diligently on another follow-on about geckoes -- we have had a house gecko for over 10 years now protecting our Hawaii home from insects and other small intruders -- and thought it was time to give children, like our house gecko, permission to be part of a family and yet have time alone.  

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