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Posted by Daniel S. on Monday, September 3, 2018, In : holidays 
Okay, so it's Labor Day, and I thought maybe a labor of love would be appropriate, this time emphasizing my theory and method of learning, Transformative Learning, of which I write in UNLOCK THE GENIUS WITHIN (Rowman and Littlefield Education, 2015) - The key to my approach to transformative learning is empowering the learner through curiosity and discovery, so I was particularly pleased to read "To Raise Confident, Independent Kids, Some Parents Are Tryi...
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Posted by Daniel S. on Monday, December 25, 2017, In : holidays 
It's Christmas Day, and, irrespective of one's religion, it is, in many ways, the ultimate humanity day. True, it's constantly being assaulted by individual religions vying for supremacy, businesses vying for participant's money, and hackers attempting to steal identities and information, but over the centuries, it has remained the epitome of humanism. It remains a day of reflection on all that makes us human. 

Religions are social clubs consisting of humans garnering others to share in and va...
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