Last week I was talking with readers to see what they read for Halloween. I got good feedback from:

1. A lawyer and his daughter who both liked William Maltese's WILLIAM MALTESE'S FLICKER (Savant 2010);
2. A retiree who passed out Halloween treats inbetween chapter of Richardo Felix Rodriques' THE SURREAL ADVENTURES OF DR. MINGUS (Aignos 2014);
3. A teen who had everything good to say about A. G. Haye's CHANG THE MAGIC CAT (Aignos 2017);
4. A witch, who, was, well, witchy about everything, including yakitori. Mmmmm; and 
5. A group of characters I met on the street in Waikiki during the Halloween celebration there. 

They said they read books, avoided videos because of the invisible rays that went from screen to mind and altered their jeans. Jeans? What can I say? There's a kind of magic is books that there will never be in movies. It's about imagination, curiosity, discovery, transformation. The stuff real magic is made of. 

Go buy a Savant or Aignos book and read it. See if I'm not right.