I have been an avid dancesport enthusiast since as far back as I can remember (though it wasn't called Dancesport back then). My formal dance training began when I first met my life (and social/performance/competition dance) partner, Setsuko Tsuchiya, in the 1990's at a YMCA dance in Berkeley, California. We began studying American Smooth and Rhythm dance, later switching to  International Ballroom and Latin/American style dance, understudying professional champion and coach, Mr. Albert Franz (Albert Franz Studio). We are keen amateur social, performance and competitive dancers registered with USA Dance and Japan DanceSport Federation. My partner, Setsuko, wrote a book about dance that I highly respect and can personally recommend as a dancer: IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY (Savant 2018), available in softcover and eBook formats. 

Recently, my partner and I were asked by the International Ballroom Dance Club to teach a "really truly" beginner class in balloom and Latin dance that would inspire rather than off-put folks new to dance. We're scheduled to lead a seven-week class entitled "Newcomer American Rumba/International Waltz" starting 24 September 2018 (registration is at the Ala Was Golfcourse Palladium on 17 and 24 September). We will be offering it in the spirit of transformative education (emphasizing curiosity, discovery and learning) over teaching, hopefully creating a new generation of lifelong social, keen amateur, performance and competitive dancers. 

Oh, yes. We did this maybe fifteen years ago at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, forming the UHM DanceSport Club, which produced over 50 social/keen amateur dancers and several competitors some of whom are now professionals! Starting dance is all about taking the first step. We look forward to being there as you take your first steps in a pursuit that encourages health and sociability throughout all the ages of life.