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Critical Writing - Free Lesson

I'm glad that you have decided to try critical writing for American colleges and universities. All critical writing lessons use a similar format. 

I have a special tool to help you write better in the American college/university style. In order to try it, I will need you to click on the link below to join my critical writing class:

Your first assignment will be to write a short essay. Please allow at least one hour, but take as much time as you like to finish your writing. Once finished, please click on XXXX to instantly receive a score. You will receive a score from "0" (needs more work) to "6" (outstanding), and specific suggestions as to how to make your essay better. 

Copy and paste your essay into an American English word processor. Try your best to fix the essay using the suggestions provided. When you are satisfied, please copy and paste back into the box, and click on XXXX to instantly receive a score. 

You can repeat this process up to 10 times to receive the score you are satisfied with. 

You can call me at 

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