How to Choose the BEST English Language School in the USA

33 Key Questions to Help You Decide Which School is Best for You

Authorhouse, 2006
325 pp. ISBN 1-


2007 Eric Hoffer Award

"...totally unique...a ‘must-have!'"

"A jewel of a book: Important questions that really need to be asked are presented in the reader's native language AND English; each question is accompanied by a detailed, sample answer, along with helpful internet sites and photos - there's even space to record answers! One of the best marketing tools to come out of the USA...I recommend the book to every client!" - S. T., international student advisor and agent

As an educator, linguist and subsequent language acquisition expert, I've been often asked what the BEST English language school in the USA is.  Less frequently, but more importantly, I'm ask WHY I think one school is actually better than another, and that is the topic of this unusual book that I wrote in association with Mr. Joel Weaver, then Director of Intercultural Communications College (ICC), Honolulu, Hawaii - "the BEST English language school in the world!"  We were asked so many times by so many people, we decide to put it down into a book.

* The first thing we decided was that it should honestly address conventional points that are widely-accepted as having a real and direct impact on language acquisition success. 

* A close second considereation was that it should use reasoning, logic and include positive examples as actually practiced at an existing language school. 

* The third was that it should be written in the student's native language (since, after all, one wouldn't be looking for the best Englilsh language school if one had already acquired a sufficient level of English to read the book in academic English). 

* Fourth, it needed to address not just study but outstanding usage of English in a variety of different situations. 

* Finally, we both felt strongly that it should also include non-conventional points that might lead a student to not just more information about English and America, but to greater individual knowledge and wisdom - a larger viewpoint - one that would transform their lives as well as their English ability. 

After much discussion, we decided to turn for examples to the institution we knew best - ICC. 

This highly unusual book is written in high school level American English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish AND German - all in one book - a Rosetta stone style teaching aid for teachers and students interested in TOEFL and studying at an American university!  This book, almost two years and thousands of person-hours in the making, is now available to parents, students, educators, agents, administrators and ESL teachers alike. 
Translation for 140 languages by ALS

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